self taught, self inspired, self made, self sence, self help ... back whenever, they wrote the peter pan story about me ... the music is made with mostly just drums and vocals and sounds like hypno crunk hybrid tribal ninjas from somewhere from over ... i'd rather talk to god than you, but you mean more to me, so thats why i make these songs


Imagine being wasted on O'Doul's and angel trumpets while floating in bog-pond of cubic zirconium marmalade and jamming some chopped & screwed Fraggle Rock tunes on your headphones. That’s kind of what ImagineIAM is like. I don’t know what genre of music this, but I’m going to dub it Gonk Rock. It deserves its own name. INSERT: PCP in the sky with diamonds mixed with a little Quetzalcoatl Yaz-hop, Squanto bat jazz, patchouli skiffle, and mondo crunk. Teaming with a wide range of synthetic and organic instrumentation, the band is intriguing in a “we’re not going to rock normal” sort of way. Throw in a pennywhistle air raid siren with some schizo-rhyme saying and you’re getting closer. Add in electroshock massage, specimen grunts, flowtard malapropisms, spazz lounge, and then chase it with some frowners and you are getting closer to the thing that makes ImagineIAM unique. Pretty rad band, especially because they don’t seem to be obviously referencing anything in the over or underground music world too literally.

Dege Legg, The Independent, LA


record reviews of "merry go round" ep on hand on the plow records

"I guarantee you will be blown away by the fresh, completely
unclassifiable sounds of this young artist."
-Anji Bee, California

a single style in its kind. Something which transcends even the concept of the unclassable artist...prove to us that to make different music and really planing is always possible today.
Still Music, France

The best, most exciting, arresting and fascinating track of the year. For me. At least. – ImagineIAM, Merry-Go-Round.
So I hail what I think is the most different unique and strange artist I have heard this year. I heap and lavish praise upon something so out of the ordinary, and so immediately present...instantly became my most loved new artist. The shock of hearing something so obviously dance music, but also so violently arrhythmic (well, poly rhythmic probably) and personal...It’s childish playground yelling, banging a loud drum and just showing pure excitement. The fact that it all hangs together into something real in interesting, that makes it genius. This is brilliant stuff...incredible, inspiring and really fucking odd.
Alabaster.Wordpress - UK

...The hyper-syncopated rhythms of opener 'Merry Go Round' could be geographically located somewhere between NY freak indie from Gang Gang Dance/Animal Collective, charged West African tribalism and Brazilian favela funk, (which would dump it somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic)... ...somehow combines quasi Derek Bailey-ish guitars with a menagerie of vocal exclamations and clattering percussion to once again leave your head spinning but your face grinning at the lunacy of it all. Expect the unexpected
-Boomkat, UK

Freaking weirdo avant indie pop tunes
-Hardwax, Germany

Imagine Animal Collective were obsessed with Liquid Liquid instead of Beach Boys: psyche freak funk lunacy... wave shamanic disco jams...
-Joe Muggs (The Wire), UK

"Pure class EP. The Hand on the Plow boys did well in grabbing this
guy. This is going to be one of those Eps sought after by many for a
long time to come."
-Fun In The Murky, Canada

...this music is coming from somewhere totally different; somewhere where dance music and avant experimentalism collide in a way that leaves you totally bewildered and wanting to hear more. The tracks on "Merry Go Round" are totally crazy - yet utterly catchy and just so much damn fun that it's almost infuriating! Frantic percussion, garbled vocals, off-beat rhythms and crazy hooks. It's hard to gauge what the hell this music has come from - early Boredoms material shoved through a disco-not-disco filter? MIA after she's been force fed mind-bending drugs? Stephen Malkmus during the geeky-jibberish "Slanted & Enchanted"-era Pavement, conducting Konono No.1 in some obscene, acappella violation? Who knows!
-Picadilly Records, England

"the clearly, -brilliantly- insane imagineIAM dropped a contender for maddest single of 09...Tribal-psych-bitches brew madness from the Louisiana based
production nutter... ...coming off like a mutant M.I.A cut... ...charged with a kind of baile-punk abstraction; Fela meets
down n dirty bluegrass in Rio, whilst pounding down the street with Animal Collective.
-Warp Record's Bleep, UK

super unique.Everything raw sound, furthermore daily necessaries and percussion instrument and voice etcetc…So the dance music which is born! The american southern Louisiana idea young priest...
Jet Set Records,Technique Records, Japan

Little could prepare you for this sonic assault of percussive madness, vocal mayhem, guitar grinding, and what's even more surprising is that we're talking dance music here! Well, our take on dance music anyways. Imagine Robbie Basho and John Fahey jamming with Konk with an Arthur Russell production and you might get an idea...
Heltah Skeltah Radio, Paris

i listen to the musce as i listen to a heartbeat, a sustaining force of life;  i listen to the music, primitive and authentic as the original man was in his creation;  sophisticated and wise as he is in his evolution;  earthly, carnal, quivering and exhausting as as orgasm and then reasssuring as the third step one takes after getting off a roller-coaster;  nourishing as holy communion, satisfying as sleep to as insomniac.  what magnificent creatrue, what magnificent creator conjures these sounds and syllables?  what potent force, what share of  the divine allows him, bids him, beckons him, to inseminate the air around him with fluid sounds, with liquid words?  and what will be born after his seed germinates in the moist air or the arid ground?  this i must ponder.
-professor P., Texas