bad chad - illa (official music video)

directed by me and friends ... edited by me ... free song download

too many lovers (music video)

directed by me and friends and edited by me free song download here black pants by ... grey no sleeves by

big mosey (official) chopped

directed by me and friends, edited by me and effects by joseph howard ... i chopped out the parts i didn't like


while driving

bape twins 5

nola street

bape twins 4

nola street

mall gallop

song by imagineIAM

bape twins 3

nola street

bape twins 2

nola street

fresh edit

at ex vato sept 2015

bape twins 1

nola street


video by joseph howard for live performance ... footage from rainbow gathering, arkansas, 2007


druming on sidewalk

bout it hater

got a drink thrown on me with this one ... allways lounge PC market

the freeze/lifestyle mashUP

at ex vato art walk


playi8ng the zarb

beast boys

tha nola streets

ninja blood 2

crunk for christ

plastic sorcer

improv 2005

(solo) merry go round

2008 video for solo record release on hand on the plow records

ya ya boys

improv 2006

play the slide whistle

2006 improv

heart cats


green grill

whatcha lookin at

dirty south


of tha molten yaya - door #1

live at buck nutty's, 2006 ... gangstan nip cover

guardians comp

somewhere from over